Bran Castle: The Legendary Home of Dracula

Bran Castle, constructed in the 14th century, originally served as a fortress to defend the region against invaders and protect the strategically important mountain pass. Its position on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia made it a key military stronghold. The castle’s first documented mention dates back to 1377, when Saxon settlers in Kronstadt (now Brașov) received a royal decree from King Louis I of Hungary, authorizing its construction.

Over the centuries, Bran Castle has seen a variety of uses and occupants. It served as a royal residence, a military outpost, and even a customs post. One of the most notable figures associated with the castle is Queen Marie of Romania, who made it her royal residence in the early 20th century. Her influence brought a touch of elegance and modernity to the castle, transforming it into a beloved home and a symbol of Romanian heritage.

The Dracula Connection

Bran Castle’s fame skyrocketed due to its association with Bram Stoker’s fictional Count Dracula. Although Vlad the Impaler, never lived in the castle, and most likely is not even the real inspiration of the character the connection to Dracula has made Bran Castle a pilgrimage site for fans of gothic horror. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the place. The castle even hosts themed events, especially around Halloween, when the air of mystery and the chill of the Carpathians create an unforgettable experience.

Arriving in the castle

The castle is super touristic, you will find many parking places and price is around 5€/hr.

There is a kind of small village with a kind of street market where you eat and buy souvenirs and a few meter away there is the castle.

The tickets are sold in a vending machine or online and the price is 70 Lei, around 14 € there are also other 2 add-ons allowing you to see the Torture chamber + 20 Lei and the Time Tunnel +30 Lei.

We spent exactly 2 hrs to visit the castle and walk around the street market. So consider spending 2 – 3 hrs.

In total the visit will cost you 10 to 15€ of parking + 14€ and if you want to see the extra rooms + 10€, so be prepared to spend between 30 ~ 40€

All the information is available on their website

The Castle

The castle is nice and all the scenario about Dracula is interesting, it brings some colour to the the scene, even if it is just a legend.

In the castle they will tell the story about the castle and the princess Ileana which was really nice to see and learn more about her, but all in all , it is a super touristic place and a bit expensive. The castle is well maintained, but you feel that they were trying to feel the empty spaces of the castle with something.

We also got an issue in the parking that we arrived exactly in 2 hrs. Due to a line we had to wait and the guy wanted to charge us another hour for the extra minutes added. They also said that they would accept euros, in a conversion 5 leis 1 Euro, which was ok, but they wanted to give us the change in a conversion 4 Leis 1 euro, which we didn’t agree on paying. So long story short people try to make money out of everything.


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