In the first year living a motor home we went from Milan to NordKapp a trip that took us 8 months. When we tell the stories there are some really common questions that will always surface. Here we try to address all the questions.

Why North Cape❓

Well, thanks for the question! 🤷🏻‍♂️ To be honest, there were no particular reasons that made us choose North Cape, but it starts with a funny story.

When we were looking for a camper, the guy who sold us the camper said that he had visited the North Cape. Enjoying my ignorance I said — “Oh cool” .. but I didn’t know exactly what he meant with “Capo Nord”.

At home, I tried to figure it out, and when I saw on the map that it was the end of the road that goes most northern I thought — “Umm this is interesting, why not?”

Having a goal as a guiding star is always a good approach. Once that is defined, things will start to unfold almost automatically, giving a “shape” to the plan.

How did you planned for that❓

We didn’t do a comprehensive plan – it was more like an iterative approach plan, attack, adapt.

How do you find places to stay❓

We use an app called park4night. And no they are not paying us for that.

Countries visited

In our route we passed through the following countries

  • it


    We left Milan on 11 Jan 2022 heading to Spain. As it was winter the idea was to reach Spain as soon as possible and we made it in 2 days.

  • es


    Our first stop in Spain was around Barcelona area, we head to south Spain looking for warmer places. We spent 3 months in Spain – From January until April

  • pt


    We arrived in Portugal in April and the it was still cold, we moved up to Lisbon quite quick as I had to flight to Brazil. After spending 15 days in Brazil we continued our route heading Spain once again. We spent 2 months in Portugal – From April to end May

  • fr


    Second passage to france was with better weather, we crossed the country in 1 month

  • lx


    Really quick stay, just to refill the tank with Disel and sleep – 1 Night

  • de


    We started to move quick and in 2 weeks we crossed Germany even if we’d like to stay more

  • dk


    Probably I should have skipped Denmark from this list. We crossed the country in a day

  • no


    We reached Norway in the of July and stayed until end of August. It was a 6 weeks period in which we went from Larvik to Nordkapp and back

In total it took us 8 months to go from Italy to the Nordkapp