Nimis – Art or … ?

We were in Sweden, close to Helsingborg and around the area we found something interesting. How would you classify this ? Art?

This is a sprawling labyrinthine sculpture park perched on the cliffs of the Kullaberg Nature Reserve and was done by an artist called Lars Vilks.

It is called Nimis and stands as a captivating architectural marvel that challenges perceptions of form and function. The intricate network of wooden structures, reminiscent of a fantastical cityscape, seems to emerge organically from its natural surroundings. As visitors navigate the twisting passageways and staircases, they are invited to question the boundaries between art and nature, human intervention and ecological harmony.

Now with this brief introduction, here is a bit about our saga on visiting Nimis

Our Saga visiting Nimis

We found the place by chance on google maps, as we were near, why not ?

The Trekking

There are 2 parking places and they are both free. Pay attention, there are a few spaces reserved spaces for RV’s and big cars.

From the parking there is a trail in the woods that will lead to the sculpture. It is a 30 min walking on the woods and towards the end there is a significant inclination with rocks and roots. The recommendation is: Wear proper shoes and bring water.

The Place

The place is at weird as it can look. You will see many pieces of scrap wood connecting each other with nails forming something like a towers connected by tunnels.

It is definitely not designed taking in consideration the safety of the ones “exploring” the construction. You will see exposed nails, and woods in positions that can hurt but the risk of the structure fall apart is very very low. While visiting do it with care, and you should be good, it is a unique place.

The Way back

The way back is a bit more challenge as you need to climb up but it is doable even if you are not in your greatest shape.

We got some rain in the way back and that made everything harder, taking a look on the weather forecast is a also a good advice.

The Fine

When we arrive, we found that all the places specified for RV’s were already taken and we saw other 3 RV’s parked in a corner, so we did the same.

Back from the walking we found a fine waiting for us. The parking cost us 40€.

A bit more about Nimis story

Controversy and Legal Battles

While Nimis has captured the imaginations of many, it has also been the source of intense legal battles and public scrutiny. Vilks’ audacious decision to construct the sculpture park without official permits sparked debates about land ownership, environmental preservation, and artistic freedom. Authorities sought to dismantle Nimis, claiming it violated zoning regulations and posed a threat to the fragile ecosystem of the nature reserve.

Vilks’ response to these challenges was nothing short of resilient. He defended Nimis as an artistic expression and symbol of creative freedom, sparking discussions about the role of art in public spaces and the tension between individual creativity and societal norms.


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