Visiting Auschwitz

We knew that would be a difficult visit, but at the same time, one cannot understand the modern world without an understanding the past. It is a moment of awareness needed to avoid atrocities like this to happen again.

Practical information

Here some practical information to help you plan for this visit

  • You can visit by your own or with a guided tour
  • Guided tour will cost around 25€
  • If you decide to visit by your own, it is free of charge but only after 4pm. Check their website for more info
  • It is a long visit, the guided tour takes around 3 hrs visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau
  • Comfort shoes and water are mandatory for the visit

Check the museum website, it is full of information if you are interested

Visiting in a Motorhome

There is a free parking right in front of the museum. The parking is small and get full quite early in the morning. We arrived the night before and found a good spot with shadow.

The Museum

It is an touching experience visiting the Museum, expect to feel a range of emotions, from sadness and grief to reflection and reverence. the atmosphere is respectful and somber.

Having some background knowledge about the Holocaust and the history of Auschwitz can enhance the whole experience, also in their website there is a kind of introduction for the visitors to watch prior the visit

Unfortunately we saw the site after the visit but we had already a good background and we knew what to expect form the tour.

I think that given the amount of information available in their website with courses, videos, photos, it is not needed to say anything about the museum here. So we really encourage to take a look if their website and there you can go as deep as you want in your learning about the place.

The Guided Tour

The tour is nice, but the guide will follow the program. You don’t have too much time to read the information around, but follow the line. The place is really busy and many tours are taking place at same time, so you kind of follow the flow.


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