Sanctuary of  Apollo

Delphi - Greece

2 h and 30 minutes  from Athens 2 h  from Patras

Where ?

According to Greek mythology, Zeus wanted to know where the center of  the world was, so he released two eagles from opposite ends, and they  met in this place called Delphi. This rock represents the  belly button of the world

Delphi is a small city, very charming and worth visiting 

The Sanctuary

The Sacred Road  and  Roman Agora


As the Sanctuary would receive people from all over the world this was a place used for marketing and trades. It is located in the entrance of the sanctuary following the sacred road that lead you to the temple.


Treasury of the  Athenians

This is one of the most preserved buildings. Built to house dedications and offerings made by cities and citizens to the sanctuary of Apollo.

Serpent  Column


Also known as the Serpentine Column, Plataean Tripod or Delphi Tripod was built to commemorate the Greeks who fought and defeated the Persian Empire at the Battle of Plataea 

A part of one of the heads is located in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum

Drawing of the tripod

The Temple


Apollo was a god unable to lie. He would send his messages by an oracle This is the main temple where the priestesses of Apollo, known as the Pythia, served as the oracle

The Theater


The sanctuary was a place for sharing knowledge, art, culture. This is a place where people would organize events

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