📸 Tourist mode On!

Trying to speed up the trip and reach France as soon as we could, this week we crossed the whole north of Spain while trying to visit and enjoy the city, tourist mode On!

🏛 Comillas

The more we travel, the more we realize how much we lack in historical facts. Comillas was a place that we ended up visiting at google’s suggestion.

At a certain point, it seems that the Spanish Royal family and nobility started to spend the summer in the city, and most likely this is the reason why the city is full of architectural relics.

Gothic Cemetery, El Capricho and Palacio de Sobrellano

El Capricho is definitely a place to visit, even if the ticket is not that cheap 7€ this is an example of how caring about details makes the difference when a building becomes a masterpiece of art.

🚽 Detour

The motorhome toilet requires this, which is basically a product to remove the bad smell while breaking the parts to ease the cleaning process.

Maybe because it is a chemical product, amazon is not able to deliver it in a locker so we had to find a specialized store to buy it which was 50Km far from us and a bit out of our route. Anyway, we didn’t have much to argue about it so we went there to buy and we got enough for the next 6 months 😎

Euskal Herria

Wall paiting in Larrabetzu

Arriving in the Basque country we saw that and so we went to read a bit more about the history of the region and from Basque people.

The goal is not to go deep into history, I am not capable of such a thing, but the story is indeed interesting. They almost lost their language and their culture which only survived due to the intentional effort and passion of their people.

Guernica — Pablo Picasso

Guernica, the most ancient town of the Basques and the centre of their cultural tradition, was completely destroyed yesterday afternoon by insurgent air raiders. The bombardment of this open town far behind the lines occupied precisely three hours and a quarter, during which a powerful fleet of aeroplanes consisting of three types of German types, Junkers and Heinkel bombers, did not cease unloading on the town bombs weighing from 1,000 lbs. downwards and, it is calculated, more than 3,000 two-pounder aluminium incendiary projectiles. The fighters, meanwhile, plunged low from above the centre of the town to machinegun those of the civilian population who had taken refuge in the fields.”

A widely repeated story is that a German officer once asked him, upon seeing a photo of Guernica in Picasso’s apartment, “Did you do that?”, and Picasso responded, “No, you did.”[18]

🇫🇷 And Bienvenue

We finally reached France with a more than warm reception I’d say, 40° we were in Dune du pilat 💦

Petit Nice

👨🏽‍💻 Remote Setup

France is not a Mobile data-friendly place, the average price here is 1Gb ➜ 1 €, and the best deal we got was 50€ for 80Gb. The coverage is quite good I’d say but it lacks good offers for pre-paid SIM Cards.


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