Climbing in Sardinia — Sassari

Continuing our journey in Sardinia, we found this crag near Sassari called La Terrazza.

Access to La Terrazza is relatively easy, with convenient parking and a well-marked trail leading to the crag. Local climbers and enthusiasts have taken great care to maintain the area, ensuring the preservation of its natural charm and protecting the fragile ecosystem.

How to reach the crag

I said before relatively easy because at first glance we were thinking about reaching the crag by the road below, as per suggested by google, but we luckly got in touch with Marco Corda a local climber, that btw happened to be the one who bolted almost all the routes in the crag, provided us with instruction on how to access the place and also where to park, considering that we are with a RV 6.5 meters long.

⚠️ In the beginning of the trail you might find some dogs doing a lot of noise. Don’t worry, they won’t do anything. Just keep going !

In 10 min you will reach the crag

La Terrazza

Enjoy! There are challenges for all levels


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