Gibraltar in one day

Gilbraltar is not a big city but definitely worth visiting. Here is a suggestion on how to spend a day in the city

I think I missed the class where they told that Gibraltar is a British territory 🙈

With this discovery, first thing we decided was to not cross the border by car and it turned out to be a good decision. The streets there are narrow, hard to find a place to park and there is a lot of traffic crossing the border.

The rock of Gibraltar

There is a way to go up there by cable car that is super expensive IMO (£32.00 one way + the nature reserve ticket).

It is also possible to go by walking. Here is the route we have done:

The wind

As you know in Gibraltar there is a airport that literally cross the country:

So when there is a plane to take off or land they block the street until the process is done.

In the way back, the road was closed and we run to see the plane to land but the wind was so strong that the airplane didn’t manage to do it.

That day registered winds of 70Km/h and in the very next day we decided to start our way back moving towards Portugal

How about living here?

This is not a sponsored post, but the place is cool and I’d love to spend some days there. For the curious souls

They have this condominium in the Alcadaisa pier and the prices are around 100Eur/day.


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