Great Doline at Didyma of Argolis

A doline, also known as a sinkhole or cenote in some regions, is a geological formation characterized by a depression or hollow in the ground surface, typically formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, gypsum, or dolomite.

It is located 1 hr from Napflio or 2.5 hrs from Athens

The place is definitely much more interesting seeing from the sky or by a drone, but anyway is somehow unique.

What is there to see ?

From the parking place you can see one of the holes far in the mountains

The parking is in a small pine tree forest and there you will find a tunnel that leads down to one of the holes.

Down in the hole there is a small church.

It is a short stop to see something different but it is not place that you will add as a must see place in your trip to Greece. If you are exploring the Peloponnese region, than you will most likely find your self near this place, so why not ?


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