Sweden – Remote work setup


We cannot guarantee that the offer described here is still available. The information that follows is from September 2023

When we arrived in Sweden the first thing we did was to look for a SIM card and prepare the remote working environment.

We found out some good options, this website for instance was mentioning a pre-paid option with unlimited data by Tre. We went in the store, and it really exists but you need a Swedish ID to be able to buy.

There are many services that in Sweden that to subscribe you need to have either a Swedish ID or a BankID and this is used to verify your identity. Apparently it is possible to have this BankID but you need to call your bank and ask for that.

In addition to that recently Sweden has approved a law that all SIM cards sold in the country must be registered, regardless the modality you subscribe for.

We first try to buy the SIM card in a ICA store, best option was a Telenor pre-paid with 150Gb for 44€, that would get us covered for around 15 days, so 88€ a month. The girls from said they cannot sell us the SIM card because they were instructed to ask for a Sweden ID even for pre-paid cards, but in Pressbyrån store we might be able to buy the same sim card but without the ID 🤷🏻‍♂️

This was what we’ve done and it worked !

When I was there looking for options I found another option, 30 days unlimited internet for 39€ by COMVIQ, but they didn’t have it in house, and as we wanted to make sure we had a way to work on Monday, we went for the safest option and got the 150Gb from Telenor. At least for the next 15 days we are good.

The take-away is, don’t go in big and carrier stores if you don’t have a Sweden ID, or someone with a Sweden ID to help you buying, go straight to Pressbyrån. The 2 more convenient option are Telenor and Comviq, offering from 150Gb a month to unlimited data.

Final Setup

Carrier: Comviq

Price: 39€/month

Data limit: unlimited


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