Ulassai — The climbing paradise

This small village is well known in the climbing community and still took me 7 months to come to visit 🙈. It is fine, better later than never.

It is located around 70 kilometres from Cagliari, it is a place where one can climbing all day long for the whole year.

In the short stay I managed to visit only 3 crags, so almost nothing, comparing with there is around.

All the crags in the region mapped on climbingitaly.com

The most known and visited place is the Canyon which offers good routes for all levels.

I’ve never visited a place with so many people climbing, and stepping foot into that place I saw passionate climbers working on routes from varying levels. It was a nice experience that left an indelible impression on me. It is a world pulsating with energy and determination, where passion is intertwined with skill. Climbers with different abilities push their limits striving for personal triumphs.

This first encounter with such a diverse and dedicated climbing community awakened a newfound appreciation for the sport and its ability to unite people in pursuit of a shared passion.

Image from climbingitaly.com
Sa Tappara Canyon

The canyon creates a shadow all day long and that makes the place a good spot to climb even in the summer.

Landscape — Picture took from Sa Tappara Canyon

The other 2 crags that I visited were Baccili and Torre dei venti, that are also nice spots really, easy to reach, but they are much smaller than the canyon.

Ulassai is situated in a beautiful zone, and in the neighborhood there are other amazing spots for climbing or for a tracking in the nature. So plan to visit and stay a couple of days in Baunei that is 50Km far from Ulassai.


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