What about a hot bath in the river – Fordongianus

Sardinia is a really interesting place and when we think we already saw everything, there is always something new.

Near Oristano there is this place called Fordongianus, a small city with around 800 residents.

In antiquity, Fordongianus was called Forum Trajani in honor of Roman emperor Trajan, who is credited with the building of what are now considerable Roman remains, including those of a bridge, and of thermae on a scale of great magnificence. The city, in the interior of Sardinia, is known from the Itineraries, which place it on the road from Tibula, through the interior of the island, to Othoca. Fordongianus sits on the left bank of the river Tirso

Thermal waters

In the city there is an ancient bath are dated 100 BC, and it is impressive to see. The water will blow to the surface with a temperature of 70 degrees and will flow to the Tirso river where after mixing with the cold water becomes ideal to take a bath.

There is one tricky part is that near the city there is a dam and the river volume can change quite quickly depending on the weather conditions and the season. Normally early in the morning it the ideal time to take a bath, rive flow will be good and the not super crowded

Also in city there is a place proper place that you can take a bath with the thermal water, which they said that is health and can help the body heal. They will charge you 5 euros for 30 minutes and you can go at any time (when opened of course).


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