The first time that we went north, we had the expectation to see the northern lights. It was not the main goal of the trip, but it would be great if we could reach Nordkapp and manage to see the northern lights.

It turned out that we didn’t manage, we described a bit of the journey here

Why the Northern Lights❓

This was something on our bucket list. I’d love to see that with my own eyes.

How did you planned for that❓

Again we didn’t put a super strict plan. The strategy was

  • Reach Sweden and decide how from there we would reach the north.
  • Leave the Artic before end of October

How did end up❓

What turned out was, we remained in Sweden. Norway we knew already the difficulties on finding a good mobile internet plan, and in Sweden we were already with an unlimited data plan.

We move up until Kiruna, after Abisko

On 20th September we were already back