About the project

We have always dreamed of buying and living in a motorhome. It was June 2019 we were in a bar and we were talking about the plans:

“We leave in April 2023 in the meanwhile we need to save money to buy what is needed“

– Castro, Felipe

COVID brought everything forward and with the help of friends and relatives we got our “Marmita na Estrada!” June 2021, 2 years ahead of schedule.

The goal of the project is to completely move into the camper, have it as our home, and live on the road for 1 year.

The main premise

It is not a sabbatical year, we are not on vacation it is just a life choice and to support this life choice we need to keep our job.


As this is our first camper experience, aiming for a long stay plus working remotely, we had and still have many doubts like:

  • Where to park the camper? How can we find the places?
  • How long can we stay out without any support?
  • How about internet connectivity?
  • How work remotely will look like?
  • What should we take with us?
  • How about the winter?

You can find whatever answer you want on the internet, but you need to figure it out by yourself and create your own framework in the end of the day, with that in mind we decided to do some Trials, which are small and not so small trips. The idea was to try out and experience the problems and figure out the answers as much as we can by ourselves.

Trial and Error

Based on the questions we wanted to answered nothing better than try and learn. So we have set up a kind of project timeline.

Trial A — Quick trips

🎯 Goal: Get used to the environment. Drive a big car in the road and small streets. Check how the parking places work, how to load and unload the camper and how long we can stay autonomously.

Trial B — First long trip

🎯 Goal: Check how living in a camper looks like. We want to stay at least a month on the real. This will give us time and the opportunity to test all types of equipment available, the camper is not old but she is already a grown adult 😅. Check how reliable is everything is mandatory.

Trial C— First trip abroad

🎯 Goal: Figure out how to work remotely abroad will look like. Connectivity, data plan, and so on