⛈ Bad weather = Road + Maintenance

💻 More about the remote setup

Last post I wrote:

France is not a Mobile data-friendly place, the average price here is 1Gb ➜ 1 €, and the best deal we got was 50€ for 80Gb. The coverage is quite good I’d say but it lacks good offers for pre-paid SIM Cards.

This weekend I found a better option with free mobile. 200Gb for 20 € + 10€ for the sim card. So now we are good, let’s hope the network coverage is good.

🛰 Missing a Wifi extender

It happened twice this week to have good wifi connectivity but the signal was too weak. So We are not considering a wifi extender that can help in situations like that. This will be super useful to upload videos and photos to the cloud.

🛌 Improving the environment

Since we got the “Marmita” we noticed the mattress was not the best. We had this task pending change but there was this problem: The bed size is not standard, so customising the mattress is mandatory.

We got stuck on that possible difficult task, adapting the mattress, without taking any action. This weekend we decided to take action and guess what? Cutting the mattress was a 15 min task 🤦‍♂

Details: The work was done in 15 min, and we did it at night, with a headlamp, with drops of rain, so you can imagine how easy it would be the task in regular conditions.

The plan and the piece of art done

🚐 Moving to Paris

The weather forecast was not the best for the weekend, so we decided to move faster toward Paris.

We stopped in 2 places: Vanxains and Ambroise

In total was around 630 Km and now we are in the Fontainebleau area we should stay in the area for the next 2 weeks.

☔️ Vanxains

Once we arrived in Vanxains which is basically a place in the middle of nowhere we noticed that the landscape was a bit weird. On the road, many trees were down, and arriving in the city, we saw houses with a damaged roofs. Looking on the internet we figured out that 2 days before a terrible storm reached the place and caused all that destruction.


We were sorry to see the situation on the other hand grateful to not be in the spot when that happened.


It is the place in which Leonardo da Vinci lived between 1516 and his death in 1519. Da Vinci died in the arms of King Francis I, and he was buried in a crypt near the Château d’Amboise.

Château d’Amboise in the background

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