🇳🇴 Heading to Nordkapp

We have never been so close to the NordKapp that is our “Final Destination”. This week we managed to progress quite well and everything is on track to be in Nordkapp in 2 weeks max — 989 Km to go 🏆

♻️ Retuning the bottles

This week we figured out that when you buy a can, or a plastic bottle there is an indication if you can return it or not. If it is returnable you get 2 Kr back — around 0,20€. Not bad I’d say, without any effort we did 2€ that can be used as a discount. The machines are usually in the supermarket which is super convenient to return and use the credits.

How “To Pant” in Norway
To pant in Norway is to return a drinks bottle or can to the supermarket and get a refund of the deposit you paid when…www.lifeinnorway.net

😍 Trusting people

It is not hard to find a small store, a gym, or a parking place where there is no one at the front desk. So you find the price and the procedure to pay and it is expected from you to do your part of the deal.

⛴ Ferry infrastructure

The transportation in Norway with all the fjords, islands, and the amount of water around, relies a lot on ferries.

For regular roads, the tolls here are automatically and you just need to:

  • Create an account on a website
  • Add the vehicle plate
  • Add a credit card

Cameras will detect that you crossed by and create an invoice in your account. For the ferries, it works the same.

⛺️ The place for camping and motorhomes

You may put up a tent, or sleep under the stars, for the night anywhere in the countryside, forests or mountains, as long as you keep at least 150 meters away from the nearest inhabited house or cabin. This rule of a 150 meters distance also applies to camping cars and caravans.

The right to roam: joys and responsibilities
In Norway everyone has the unrestricted right of free access in the countryside, ­including the national parks.www.visitnorway.com

Remember to enjoy with responsibility! The place is not yours and after you, there will be others.

As you are not paying anything, just try to leave the place better than you found it 🙌

🏝 Lofoten

We are now in Lofoten, an archipelago with many small islands and full of mountains. The place is amazing 😍

It is also amazing to think about how people in this area managed to make good use of this place — I mean, the weather is super unstable, in the winter temperatures are really low, for the infrastructure to build around water and the small island it is certainly a challenge.

Still, the villages are super beautiful and well done and the roads are quite decent, even for big cars.


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