🇳🇴 Norway

The feeling of reaching Norway was good, something like half of the project was completed. Now we need to make our way up to the Northkapp 2500Km far from the Larvik and down before the snow starts.

Also, there is a possibility to stay here for the winter 🥶

🤙 A cool place

While south Europe is facing 30°, in Norway the temperature is around 20°. Mornings and nights can be as cold as 10–15°. Natural air conditioner always on 🙌.

🚐 Motorhomes are everywhere

The first thing that surprised me when we arrived here was the number of Motorhomes around. The infrastructure for motorhome trips is pretty decent with plenty of free spaces to park and to load and unload the Van.

The second thing was that despite the fact that there are many free places to stay, camping sides are always full — and they are not cheap. Prices will range from 20 to 40€ for 2 people a night.

Why pay, if you can just not pay 🤷🏻‍♂️.

🏎 Slow traffic and scenic places

The roads are narrow and driving a motor home in Norway is not the most trivial thing. Roads are overall very good but progress is slow, 80Km/h usually is the max speed allowed.

In addition to that, the places are so beautiful that you must watch yourself in order to not stop in every rest area.

Resting areas along the road

🤑 Expensive but doable

Norway is well known for being one of the most expensive places to visit and this is true overall, but it is still doable and if you adjust a bit your lifestyle it can be compared with other big centers like Milan or Paris.

For instance, going to a pub and getting drunk is not a good idea, you can save the opportunity for a country where beer is cheaper.

Other regular things will be 10 or 20% more expensive than what you are used to if you live in Paris.

📲 Remote Office

The only thing that is really a pain in the neck is mobile data plans. There are no good options at all. We are using the roaming data from Spain and France that in the end is cheaper than buying a local SIM.

There are also some eSim options that are not bad. U$69 for 1 month of illimited data, but you can’t hotspot.


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