🏁 North Cape

Final destination achieved! After 8 months we are finally in North Cape. Norway seems to be a small country but it is actually huge 😅. From Larvik to North Cape it is more than 2200Km, something like crossing entire Italy twice.

North Cape

Why North Cape❓

Well, thanks for the question! 🤷🏻‍♂️ To be honest, there were no particular reasons that made us choose North Cape, but it starts with a funny story.

When we were looking for a camper, the guy who sold us the camper said that he had visited the North Cape. Enjoying my ignorance I said — “Oh cool” .. but I didn’t know exactly what he meant with “Capo Nord”.

At home, I tried to figure it out, and when I saw on the map that it was the end of the road that goes most northern I thought — “Umm this is interesting, why not?”

Having a goal as a guiding star is always a good approach. Once that is defined, things will start to unfold almost automatically, giving a “shape” to the plan.

🕺The summit is not the end

Important to remember, that the summit is definitely a milestone, but it is half of the journey. Now we have all the way back to Italy that needs to be defined. There are already some intermediate steps in the schedule but nothing is super defined.

🧻 North Norway

The most north you go the more remote the region will become. Options for supermarkets and places to clean the camper are reduced. So super important to plan a bit to avoid unnecessary situations.

🍄 Mushrooms are everywhere!

We are trying to learn how to collect mushrooms and we are still alive, so the trend is positive 🙌

This weekend we started watching videos on YouTube, and from theory to practice there is a long way — I mean even with some information we were not feeling like collecting mushrooms in the wild and trying them without being 100% sure.

Yesterday on the road we saw a car parked in a huge field and we stopped to ask for some tips. The girls showed us the ones she was collecting and how to prepare them.

Orange cap boletus Mushrooms

It is a toxic mushroom if eaten raw, but if you boil it for 20 min and it can be eaten.


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