🏎 🏎 Even faster — And here we are 🇳🇴

And this weekend we did another fast sprint toward Norway. Not really because we wanted to, but because we were forced to.

🥰 Meeting family

Meeting family is always an energy boost. In Hanover, we had the chance to visit a cousin that is living there, an incredible guy.

I had two energy boosts in the short period I was visiting. The first one was hangout with people you care about, just doing nothing.

The second energy boost was to see how passionate he is about living in Hanover, his job, and his life in general.

🌱 A vegan-friendly place

Also here 2 surprises 🤗

I was surprised to see how many vegan options are around in Hanover. You can easily find whatever you want from mayonnaise to cordon bleu.

To be honest, I was not expecting that and this was the first surprise.

The second one was that my cousin prepared a vegan barbecue for us — The food was delicious and on the menu included, cheese, corn, vegetables, and sweet potato.

🇩🇰 Crossing Denmark in a Day

✍🏻 The plan

  • Thursday →Move next to Hamburg area
  • Friday → Reach Denmark
  • Saturday → Reach Hirtshals
  • Sunday → Take the ferry early morning and reach Norway

🪨 Obstacle

It was Friday morning, we stopped in the last German city Flensburg before crossing Denmark — Time to buy the tickets for the ferry and secure our crossing to Norway.

The surprise was that prices for the ferry were crazy, to not say unfair, Sunday and the whole next week were already sold out and that left us few options.

  • Option 1 — Buy the tickets for Saturday for a crazy price — 600€
  • Option 2 — Buy the tickets for Friday, meaning that we would need to cross Denmark in a day and check in around 21:00 on the ferry for the crossing — 400€
  • Option 3 — Forget about the ferry and do our way on the ground crossing Sweden. — 350€
  • Option 4 — Wait until August 1st — 250€

At this time you might guess our choice, but just to picture better the situation:

  • Option 1 — Was not really an option, too expensive
  • Option 2 — Was around 50€ more expensive than option 3 but at least twice faster.
  • Option 3— We would need to drive a lot, so for saving 50€ it was too risky and tiring in our opinion
  • Option 4 — This would delay the trip by 1 week. Plus it would be required to have the “remote office” structure for just one week. It seems trivial but it requires time.

🙌 Resolution

We got Option 2

With the tickets in hand, we made our way to Hirtshals — at night we got the ferry, and Saturday around 3 A.M. we were in Norway. In total, we did 900Km on the road plus 4 hrs on the ferry.

🇳🇴 Finally Norway

I’m really glad that we reached Norway “On time”. Maybe the “On time” is not the optimal time. I have the impression that would be better if we were here by the end of June instead of the end of July. We will see 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anyway, the fun is guaranteed. Norway is beautiful in a way that is impossible to describe and this is what I can say in advance.

There is much to say about Norway that will follow in the next posts. Stay tuned! 🥁

Heddal stave church

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