🏎 Moving Fast

After Paris we started moving up towards Germany, the goal was to reach Hanover. For the week we decided to stay in Champagne area. It was not super easy to find a place to park but in the end, we managed to find a lovely place.

📦 Amazon saga

Amazon lockers are always creating nice stories, this week we ordered some things to be delivered in Épernay, 5km far from us — not bad — with the bike in 20 minutes I can be there 40 minutes round trip. The only problem was that we were on the top of a hill 200m high, so the way down 20 min, the way up 40 min. 🙈

Opportunities to workout 🤷🏻‍♂️

🤝 Meeting people

On the way back there was a couple waiting for us for a cup of cold tea.

The Guys, 2 years ago sold his business and decided to travel a bit. Passionate for speleology and climbing was saying how challenging it is to climb a cave and make your way inside. He said:

Climbing in a cave is almost the same as sport climbing but it is 3D, sometimes you will use your back to help you move up. The important thing, you need to memorize the scenario and your must climb both ways, up and down.

The girl sold her house and bought a Van. Both were on the road in 2 vans for an undefined period of time.

Funny thing — when they arrived at the place where we were parked, I was pretty sure that we would somehow interact with each other. They were looking people around with curiosity eager to know their stories. I really identify with that but as a shy person, I am not always able to do so.

Really inspiring human beings that truly value human interactions and sharing moments.

🛣 Around 800Km in a weekend

This was our record so far after leaving the apartment. On the first trip to southern Italy, we did 600Km in a day and it was as tiring as it can get. So we said that we would never do this again. Our guideline is to travel max 2 hours in a day but we are running a bit behind, the sooner we get to Norway the better.

We went from Paris to Hanover


🤓 New Dashboard is deployed

Our live tracking website has a new design, cleaner and more organized. Liveview will be sooner available 🎥


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