Is it possible to visit Paris in a motorhome? Yes! So, where can I park in the city? You can’t! Motorhomes are not welcome in Paris 😅

Anyway, as we know, Paris is the capital and most populous city in France, so it is super well connected, and visiting the city in a motorhome is doable.

👻 As busy as it can get

The city is super busy and it is a good idea to plan in advance your trip otherwise you maybe won’t manage to go, visit or do what you wish.

Our initial plan was to stay at the Camping site, but as we didn’t book in advance we didn’t manage to find available spots for the weekend. So our only option was to leave the motorhome on the street.

We decided to stay in Versailles which is pretty close, 20 min on a train and we were in Paris.

Parking in Versailles

The parking was not that bad.

🏰 Versailles

In Versailles, we didn’t visit the castle, first because during the week we were working and the opening was from 9 to 17, so it was not really an option. But surrounding the castle there are many beautiful parks that we could enjoy.

💸 What did we do in Paris

Well, there are many touristic points that are must-see, and we select a bunch of those like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre-dame and so on.

There is one particular place that we’d love to visit but we didn’t manage as we didn’t book in advance which is the Catacombs. At the time we tried to visit the tickets were sold out for the next 3 days, so the lesson learned is, to book at least 4 days in advance.

🤷🏻‍♂️ What else?

Apart of the mainstream points there are many interesting things to visit. What we did was to get a bike and ride around the city visiting parks and other side touristic points.

❤️ Mur des je t’aime

Mur des je t’aime

In a world marked by violence and dominated by individualism, walls, like frontiers, are usually made to divide and to separate people and to protect them from one another. On the contrary, Le mur des je t’aime (I love you : the wall) is a link, a place of reconciliation, a mirror which reflects an image of love and peace downtown Paris Montmartre, in France. With over 311 written declarations in 250 different languages, I love You : The Wall has become a meeting place for lovers.

The place is located in an area called Montmartre, which is a former artists’ village once inhabited by Picasso and Dalí. Also in the district, there is the domed Sacré-Cœur basilica. The view from there is beautiful.

🍆 Vegan Options

We found plenty of options with good vegan food 🙌

Cantine Primeur
Boissons et menu dans l’onglet en haut à droite Primeur : Cantine Bio & Veggie. Ouvert le midi : Lundi au Dimanche de…cantineprimeur.fr



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