Discover ‍Fontainebleau -Classical spot for bouldering in France

Time for climbing after months! The last time was in May 😱, non va bene! Let’s get ready.

🛏 Renting a crashpad

First thing was to look for a place to rent the crashpad and we find this on Fontainebleau crashpads. Went straight to the store and when I arrived there it was closed! So looking at their website which I did later, there is a booking system and the regular flow is: book, go, and pick the crashpad.

So I sent them a message in the Facebook messager and they answered me immediately and I managed to have the crashpad on the same day.

After picking up the crashpad I went straight to Les Mammouths area which is 3 min by bike from their pickup place.

Les Mammouths

From the parking place in 5 min walking in the forest, you will reach the area. It seems it is not a super visited place at least at this time (early July). I had to clean the boulders before.

Recher des demoiselles

This area is in the middle of the forest. Only the path and walking around the place is by itself rewarding.


There we go, he is here, the Elephant 👇, but you can not climb this one 🙁

The Elephant

This area is a must-see, it is pretty much like a beach with many boulders for every level. I went in the afternoon and it was crazy hot, most of the boulders are exposed to the sun as the forest is not so dense. Probably the best time to climb is in the morning.

So I spent 1 day in each area, definitely, 3 days are not enough, climbing 3 days in a row is hard for me 😅, anyway I managed to visit beautiful places.

🎒 Returning the crashpad

The return was scheduled for Sunday at 17:30, but google maps did a mess in the route and we got a road that despite the fact that we paid an 11€ toll + an additional 40Km, we arrived at the appointment 1 hr late, at 18:30.

During the trip, we were talking with the guy via Whatsapp and he said that as we were late, it would be better to meet in Grez-sur-Loing (the blue point on the map). It added another 10 min to the trip, but considering we were already 1 hr late, 10 min would not do much difference.

We arrived at this place


The original plan was to stop in Versailles, but the place Grez-sur-Loing was so charming and green that we decided to stay for a couple of days


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