And we are back … home!

Up and down, up and down … and here we are, Sardinia once again.

This is the second year that the winter will be in the motorhome, last year we did in Sardinia, now we are back here to solve some bureaucratic things (I need to renew my permission to stay in Europe) and some regular chores like maintenance in the car – we plan to sell it soon.

We didn’t post a lot about Sardinia so there are so much to share, in the next posts we will share a bit of what is going on here, for now a highlight or our plan:

Monteleone Rocca Doria

31 December 2022 – A Regular climbing day except for the fact that I fell badly in the route and end up with 2 broken ribs.

This incomplete route remains in the list as undone so I need to check mark that. This year I’m stronger and I’ll get back and send it.


Always about climbing, I left an incomplete project behind in a crag called S’atta Ruja, I need to finish that.

Meet the family

We will have some visitors from Brazil in sardegna. So we will spend some time around showing Sardinia for them. October/November is the time where the small cities will do what they call Sagras where small cities wi where they sell their local things , food, crafts, and so on and they show their culture. It is an amazing opportunity to know better Sardinia.

End one the month we are heading to Spain and the winter will be there this year.


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