🇬🇷 Climbing In Meteora

Meteora is a well known place for climbing, full of mountains and the rock is basically conglomerate which it is interesting but not my cup of tea

In the previous post we also shown Meteora a little bit now it is time to share our climbing experience in the region.

Finding a crag for sport climbing

Mostly to find a crag while traveling we use some tools that you can find here, and looking for Meteora in 27Crags we cannot find much. That’s because Meteora is an amazing place for climbing but most of the routes are multi-pitch. 27crags focus is sport climbing and bouldering.

Looking at The Crag we managed to find things, and there are some good options but is nothing compared with the numbers multi-pitch routes.

The other thing we noticed is that there many small sectors with few routes, I’m more used to few sectors with many routes. In the end it is the same, you will manage to climb but anyway … information.

We went to this place


There were 5 sport routes

The day was beautiful and we arrived late afternoon, still we managed to have fun on the crag.

More about Meteora


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