Climbing In Vrasta

Exploring Vratsa: Bulgaria’s Hidden Gem

Vratsa is a charming town in northwestern Bulgaria The town’s name is derived from the Slavic word “vrah,” meaning “peak, describing its mountainous surroundings. And this make the place one of the best spots to climb in Bulgaria.

On place really well know is the Ledenika Cave. This impressive cave system features a series of halls adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, as well as a small underground lake. The cave is also known for its unique acoustics, with concerts occasionally held in the largest chamber, the “Concert Hall.”

There are also some routes to climb there.

A Climber’s Paradise

The area offers over 140 climbing routes and a variety of styles, you can find more details in the crag.

The zone that we visited called Bezengi and it is really easy to each and park the car. We parked literally in the crag.

This is a picture taken from the crag

And this is the crag

A super slab that is not my the style that I love but I need to practice

Unfortunately due to “connectivity issues”, we didn’t manage to find a good mobile data plan to carry out the working week, so we didn’t stay in the country and this was the only thing we visited in our short stay in Bulgaria.


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