Discovering Methana

Methana is a peninsula located south of Peloponnese and it is well known from its vulcanic formation. The place hosts around 30 volcanic domes and craters, the most famous of which is the Kameni Chora volcano. There is a hike up there, but we didn’t try that.

The name “Methana” itself is derived from the Greek word for sulfur, reflecting the region’s volcanic heritage.

Pausania Baths

Probably the most famous place in Methana by its thermal waters. The temperature of the water is just perfect, and they’ve made a bathtub so that you can enjoy the how water while appreciating the landscape.

The place is small and get easily get crowded.

They way it works is that there is water pump that needs to be activated but a button. Every time that you press, it will turn the pump for 15 min. When it is crowded, this is the time that you turn will take. The bathtub can fit max 4.

Getting to Methana

Methana is easily accessible from Athens. The peninsula is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, and there are regular ferry services from Piraeus, the main port of Athens. The journey takes around two hours by ferry.

For those like us who prefer to travel by car, Methana is about a two-hour drive from Athens, and this is what we have done.


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