Flying on Füssen

Being a paragliding pilot I have in my bucket list places that I want to fly and Füssen was on one of those. For those who are not familiar, Füssen is the place where castle Neuschwanstein is located

Castle Neuschwanstein

The area is beautiful with lakes and a flat area in one side, and the alps on the other side that makes the place an ideal spot for paragliding. 

There are 2 good places to take off, one in Buchenberg and the other is Tegelberg, both are reachable by a cable car. 

The bureaucracy

In Germany there are 2 things that are mandatory for paragliding:

  • Insurance
  • Paragliding license

With those 2 documents they will issue a “Green Card” allowing you to go up in the cable with your equipment, and they do control that, so if you are thinking that you might be lucky enough to go up without that it is better not counting on that, otherwise you might get home frustrated — That by the way almost happened with me. 

The green card — That is not a card but a PDF 😅

My insurance was expired, I tried anyway and they didn’t allow me to flight and hopefully I managed to renew the insurance very quickly — I was just a matter of renewing the insurance company managed to do it on the spot.

Tegelberg take off

The place was definitely worth visiting and I’m glad that I managed to flight under an awesome condition. 


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