Trial B — The Long Trip

For the first long trip, we decided to explore south Italy. So we picked 3 cities that we’d like to know that were :

  • San Donato Di Ninea
  • Palermo
  • Matera

With that in mind we’ve planned a route that looked like that:

Planned route

For this trip, we defined a period from Aug 6th till Sept 4th so 28 days in total.

The route that we actually did was slightly different from the planned one but I can say that have done that beforehand helped a lot. Too much freedom sometimes is bad 😅.

Now let’s take on the route we have done in detail. You will also find the links for the places we stayed with the camper with the price and services available.

In order to not make this is an infinite post the trip details are split by week. We spent in total 4 weeks in which we travel 3900Km in 28 days.


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