Trial C — Going Abroad

The place chosen for Trial C was France, more specifically Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet. We head to France for just a week in which 3 days was working and the other 4 days in a paragliding event called Coupe Icare

In this Trial we’d like to see how work abroad would look like and as soon we arrived in France we tried to buy a SIM card with mobile data available. It was not easy to find a pre-paid option but we got an SFR Mobile with 15Gb for 15EUR. Coverage was good and the 15 was good enough to work the 3 days.

So this test was good to be sure that on average I need 5Gb per day of data to handle the work.

It was a nice experience going to France in a camper, it is a super camper friendly country, at least the are we visited, where we managed to stay mostly for free or pay 10 EUR for an infrastructure that in Italy would cost at least 25EUR.

Those are the places we stayed

Area Camper — Le Cheylas
Where: Le

Aux fruits de la treille
Where: Aux fruits de la

We also used the trip for some maintenance in the camper and to set up the new battery.

Lessons Learned

  • How much data is enough to carry a day of work
  • How to use SIKA Flex for camper maintenance 🤪

What is next?

Now I’d say that we are ready to move into the camper and start a new journey.


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