There are many things to say about Athens that will follow on different posts here will focus on how we organized our trip to Athens in a motorhome.

Where to park

While traveling in a motorhome, big cities is always hard as there are traffic limitations, difficulties to find parking, high traffic.

We use an app called park4night to find the places, and in Athens we found this place that is pretty convenient. If you prefer on google maps this is the parking

It is 15 min walking to the metro station and from there you can reach the center in 20 min, so in total, in 40 min you are in the city center.

The place is ok, locals will park there during the week to go work and there are also many local buses. We felt safe even if we didn’t see other motherhomes around.

Public transport

The city is well connect by metro and the ticket is 1.20€ 90 min, there is also a 24 hrs ticket that costs 4.10€.

We got the 24hrs ticket but in the end we regretted. The city center is not that big and in the 2 days we stays in the city we used only 1 ticket to go and 1 to come back , so 2.40€.

Our Itinerary

We spent 2 days in the city and as we have a dog with us and most of the places dogs are now welcome, we were leaving the dog in the motorhome and coming back max at 2pm. So the 2 days we spent were actually a full day walking around the city that if you are in a hurry you can pack everything in the same day.

Day 1

In the first day we left early in the morning to Acropolis and then, Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library


Probably the most iconic place in Greece, and on internet you will see a lot about it, its story and bla bla bla. So here we want to focus on the logistics to see the acropolis.

Tickets are sold in the web site and costs 20€ to visit the Acropolis or you can buy the package that is 30€ and grant you access to other 6 spots. In our opinion it is worth paying the 30€.

If you want to buy in the website to visit in the morning, you should do that in advance. There are hourly visiting windows from 8am to 8pm, and the ones early in the morning are sold out very quick. So we didn’t manage to buy in the website for 8am, but we decided to take the chance and show up in the ticket center.

It turned out that we managed to buy there. It was a Friday and around 8 we were waiting in the line.

Do not panic

There are other websites selling last minute tickets, if you are in this situation, before buying on those sites and paying other extra 10€, try to see in the ticket center in the acropolis gate. If there is capacity you will manage to buy for the standard price

We took around 3 hours in the visit between line to get ticket, entrance, visiting.

Hadrian’s Library & Roman Agora

They are both included in the 30€ ticket and they are quick to visit, max 1 hr and you visit both.

Day 2

In the second day we did a walk in the center, starting from a local Market where you can buy anything to the Socrates Prison.

Varvakios Central Market

It is a central market where you can buy from herbs and meat to antiquity and second hand stuff. Very interesting.

Stoa of Attalos

Stoa of Attalos is located in an archeological site where there are many other places to visit like the temple of Hephaestus that is incredible. There is also a Museum. All included in the 30€ ticket.

Prison of Socrates

The prison of Socrates stays in a park that is free to visit. The park is nice and full of places to rest and fresh water to refill. There are other places in the park that we decided to not visit, as we were already a bit tired.

The park is almost in front of the Theatre of Dionysus (That btw if you already visited Acropolis you already saw it from the top)

In the following posts more about Athens and what we have learned on this trip.


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