Climbing in Athens

Athens is a big center that is possible to practice indoors and there are also some crags near and we managed to visit one of those.

Climbing Indoor

The gym is called Mono climb and has this big wall, and also an internal bouldering area. The bouldering area is not that big but enough to practice and have fun with interesting problems.

The price is 12€


The place is around 50min from Athens, here you can see where it is and how to reach the crag from the parking place. The parking is not really a park but a rocky empty space that you can stay. We had a nice and calm night there.

The crag is really beautiful, but I have to say that it is hard to identify the routes. I still don’t know the one I’ve tried.

I also saw a snake around, so be careful !

It is sunny in the morning, and in the full summer probably it won’t be a really good spot for climbing. Here you can find information about the crag.


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