Frankenjura – A classical climbing spot in Germany

For sure what of the most classical areas for climbing in Germany.

This is what they said in the 27crags

  • World’s first 9a
  • Birthplace of red point climbing
  • Huge variety of climbing styles in every grade on more than 15000 routes within one hour drive
  • Quick access to the crags
  • Last but not least you probably get the best beer in the world

We stopped in a place called Velden, from here it is possible to reach several crags in a few minutes by car, and even in the city there is this beautiful crag.

I end-up not climbing in this crag but I did climb in other spots

What I found nice was that the I found many short routes 10 to 15m while technical and intense, well bolted with protections not far from one to another, so an amazing place to push the limits in a safe environment.

The are is beautiful and it was quite easy to find places to part and stay with our motorhome.

After a tiring climbing day you can refresh with a bath in the river while enjoying a beer. It is really a lovely place.


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