Lisbon here we are

We started moving up to Lisbon and we stopped by Aljazur to meet some friends. They took us in a really good sea food place to eat, even for a vegan I managed to find something good to eat plus a good wine. The lunch was enjoyable.

The idea for them was to eat Pollicipes pollicipes as known as Percebes, but they didn’t have anymore.

Well, seems weird but apparently is super traditional in that area.

Lisbon → Porto

We had to skipped almost the entire west side from Lisbon up in order to reach Porto fast so Tais could take a flight to Italy. In the end we arrived in time but the flight was canceled and she lost her medical appointment.

After calling to reschedule, they said that the next spot is available in January 2023 😱🤦🏻‍♂️

Camino de Santiago

I didn’t know about this variant of the Santiago’s route that from Porto goes to Santiago de Compostela. It is a 270km to be done in 5–7 days walking or 2–3 days with a bike.

Probably all those path are just a marketing thing, but this does not make the path less beautiful, all of them must be amazing. Added on my bucket list already.


Seems to be a easy path, even thought a long one. Super windy area, so be prepared if you decide to spend some time in this area.

And Portugal was born here

Guimarães is the name of a city located 60Km from Porto, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, it is a known by his preserved medieval buildings.

The History of Guimarães is associated with the foundation and identity of the Portuguese nationality.

There is also a place stating “Portugal was born here”, in the end it does not change anything, beautiful place worth visiting 🤷🏻‍♂️

Guimarães —Igreja Nossa Senhora da Consolação

The place is crazy hot, we went there end of May and during the day temperature was around 30 degrees, no wind. At night was fine. So I’d not recommend to visit the city in the summer.


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