Month 4 — Brazil and Back

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves

It is not hard to face a situation that you cannot change, in those cases there is no room for discussion but adjusting the course for the optimal path and do what needs to be done.

🇵🇹 Finally Portugal

After 3 months in Spain we finally reached Portugal. A bit late, if compared with our plans, but happy to have spent the time we wanted traveling without stressing ourselves.

🚗 The Route

Due to family issue I had to go back to Brazil and the most convenient place to take a flight was Lisbon. So we decided to stay and enjoy the south of Portugal as much as we could and move up to Lisbon just to take the airplane.

🥰 Meeting people

There are many Brazilians in Portugal, family and old friends. In our way we tried to meet those that are around.

This is a nice way to meet people and also bring the opportunity to know new places, as most likely we will need to deviate a bit our plan in order to reach people.

Also knowing that there are people you know and you can count with not an ocean far way brings comfort.

📦 No Amazon Locker

Buying things online for us living on the road is being quite challenge in Portugal. There is no amazon, you can definitely buy from and it is fast but on the other hand the locker service are not largely available, to be honest I didn’t see one.

The Good

  • Portugal is a small country and it was easy to reach a place with an international airport
  • We meet some friends and family in Portugal
  • In Portugal Vodafone offers a 30€ SIM Cards with unlimited data transfer for a month

The Bad (Not so bad this time 😅)

  • Right before traveling to Brazil our generator stopped — Thanks to friends support we managed to have it working
  • During my stay in Brazil we got an issue with the batteries that was solved remotely

What did we learn?

  • Buying online while traveling in Portugal can be a challenge

What is next?

Now we are heading up to Porto area and those will be our last weeks in Portugal.

Ciao 👋


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