Santa Maria ‘e Mare

This was our last week in Orosei and over the weekend we happened to be here in this traditional event called Santa Maria ‘e Mare

It is an event dedicated to Santa Maria del Mare who protect and bring good fortune to the fishers. But what the event is about?

Well, they will decorate the city with flowers, open courtyard for visiting, all of them beautifully decorated as well, random artistic interventions on the street and local people selling handmade crafts and traditional food.

On Sunday, the party starts early in the morning around 9 am and it takes place in the Piazza del Popolo with the sa mutatura, this is when they dress the boats with the flowers preparing them for the the procession.

Sa Mutatura

At 5 pm the procession will start from Piazza del Popolo until Cedrino’s river in which they launch the boats that will move down the river till they reach the Santa Maria church by sailing.

Procession with the boats going to the river
Launching the boats

The crowd goes on foot following the boats on the edge of the river.

Boats following to the church

People following the procession will dress with traditional clothes, and in the church they celebrate the Santa Maria arrival by praying. After, the party will continue with food (bread with octopus) and wine, all served for free, the night will follow with traditional music and dance.


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