Viking Laws

We all know that Vikings are part of the Scandinavian culture, and indeed the culture, myths and stories are fascinating, I just love it.

Visiting Norway, one day we found a postcard stating the viking laws, and when I read that I immediately start to think how this could still be applied nowadays, and it turned out that many of the laws are pretty up do date, at least in my opinion 😅.

Here they are:

Be brave and aggressive

  • Be direct
  • Grab all opportunities
  • Use varying methods of attack
  • Be versatile and agile
  • Attack one target at a time don’t plan everything in detail
  • Use top-quality weapons

Be prepared

  • Keep weapons in good conditions
  • Keep in shape
  • Find good battle comrades
  • Agree on important points
  • Choose one chief

Be a good merchant

  • Find out what the market needs
  • Don’t promise what you can’t keep
  • Don’t demand overpayment
  • Arrange things so that you can return

Keep the camp in order

  • Keep things tidy and organized
  • Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group
  • Make sure everybody does useful work
  • Consult all members of the group for advice

I would translate them as:

Have no fear, take action!

Be open for the opportunities around, have a clear target but don’t be afraid to change your mind and your plan. Attack and adapt!

The modern world now is slightly different and the most important weapon is not a sharp sword anymore but your intellect! So shape your mind and create habits that help you keep balance in different situations.

Prepare yourself

Without energy you can’t go very far, keep yourself in shape body and mind, find good people that can support and guide you.

Be consistent and fair

Be gentle with yourself and others, and don’t over-demand. Honor your word by doing what you said you would do. Be kind!

Surround yourself with vibrant souls

We are the average of the people we spend time with. So surround yourself with kind people and have in mind that the power of community is far greater than the power of an individual.


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