Summer is already here! 🏄🏻‍♂️

Summer season has officially started here, being in the sea side I thought it would be wise to select a summer sport, so we started with the first moves:

Now we need to practice a bit, so far so good 😅

Exploring the south

Screenshot from Marmita Dashboard

This is the second week in the area and the beaches are beautiful. The area is a huge cliff that covers almost the entire south. Some beaches are really wild, almost hostile — at the same time beatiful — and there are also the ones super easy to reach with a big open sea.

Motorhome restrictions

There are many places in which it is forbidden to access with motorhomes. So we need to be careful to not enter in a restricted area, fines can go up to 350EUR.

Not a pet friendly place

We noticed that Portugal in general is not a pet friendly place. For most of places with beaches included, dogs are not allowed 😞.

But still Lasanha is super happy and we try as much as possible to find places so also him can enjoy

Lasanha goes to the Vet!

Yep, this month he needed to take some vacines. We started looking for a place couple of weeks ago , and this week and finally managed to find a place that was easy to reach and with a slot for him. All set here!

Btw this year Lasanha will turn 10 🎂! He is getting old. I promised him that this will be the best year of his life! So far a success 🙌

Moving up -> to Lisbon

By next Tuesday (26/04) we should be in Lisbon. So we will start our way up so we arrive in time.

Ciao and see you next week! 👋


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