The Dream House

We are living in a motorhome for about 3 years now and I’ve figure out many “requirements” that in our opinion, a motorhome must have.

Our motorhome is a bit dated, it was built in 2000 and as the time passes, technologies move forward, users’ habit changes and in our motorhome we can identify many things that for our usage is counter intuitive.

I’m pretty sure that 24 year ago, the design was not considering someone living for years without getting off, and now with this nomad trend and people living full time on the road, the needs are different.

Here are some of the requirements that we have in mind

Gas only for cooking

Our motorhome has a space for 2 bottles of 10Kg and the gas is used for heating, cooking, boiler and the fridge. The inconvenience of relying that much on gas is huge

It might be hard to find gas in some places
The connections might different depending on the country
Some countries have a different bottle, so you might need to change
The price can vary a lot

It is also true that there are 2 bottles and we can somehow plan in advance, but the connections and bottle changing is very inconvenient.

The bed space

Sleep is important and also comfort while sleeping is important, but the bed takes a huge space, and for a motorhome space is a very limited resource. Take advantage of that space would be something really appreciated. Our dream setup would be, a bed on the “second floor” that you can just open during the night for sleeping.

All the space from the bed would be used in a living shared space.

The bathroom

Some people’ priority is a separated shower. In our motorhome we have that, and in our opinion it is a waste of space. We use the shower space as a quick storage. If you think, the time spent in the bathroom compared with the time that you spend in the rest of the van is not comparable at all, in addition to that, bathroom is not the place to relax, you enter, do whatever you need to do, and go out.

The smaller the best, as long you have enough space to do your needs.

Battery = Lithium

AGM batteries in the long run is a waste of money. I’ve already throw away 2 batteries in 3 years.

The good news

Apparently hymer just made it! A motorhome covering all our requirements, the new Venture S

I’m a bit curious about the storage space, also how to carry a bicycle, but overall the project seems fantastic. We still didn’t see any of those around, and we looking forward to see and hear what owners have to say about it 🙂

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