The fan is out of control

Recently we got an issue with our RV that is a Elnagh Sleek 595, it is a Ducato 2.8 tdi 2000. The issue was that the fan that cools the radiator was out of control, and would not turn off by any chance.

First suspect was the temperature sensor, second the relays, but I was not able to locate the relays. It was quite difficult to info information about the Ducato 2000 the manual won’t detail this part of the system and in the internet I had a hard time finding information. .

I found this post that guys was facing a similar problem and this was the super helpful.

The plastic box is the where the relays are located.

“Debugging” the issue

Starting with the 2 temperature sensors, by removing then and checking the status of the fan I could assess that the sensors were ok, or at least not responsible for the current issue.

Next step was to check the relays, and by simply removing and putting it back the fan stopped. So high chances to be it.

Buying the Relay

We are in Sparta – Greece and in the zone there are a couple of small stores selling spare parts. I managed to find the relay there for €10 each, which for me is a bit over priced. In Brazil I think that for the same value we can buy 10 of those, anyway, looking from a different perspective, in the current situation that every time that I stop the car I had to disconnect the fan my self, 10 euros to get the problem solved is totally worth.

Changing the relay

The relay box seems to be in a complicated place to be removed but it is actually pretty simple to remove. 40 min I managed to do the work and the issue is solved!


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