The trip is over … what now?

“1 year! Only 1 year traveling around in a motorhome, then we’ll be back home. That’s the deal.”

When Felipe Castro first talked about leaving our apartment behind in Milan and squeezing our lives into a tiny motorhome, I did not love the idea.

That was fun, for sure! But everybody dreams about having a bigger and cozier house and friends you can count on for a get-together on the weekends. Living on the road is the thorough opposite of it.

I said ‘yes’ since the beginning, because in the past I had promised that wherever he went, I would go along. And so I did!

I had to say bye-bye to my things, my places, my neighbors and friends, my routine, and… to our daughter. Can you picture how hard it is ?!

Honestly? I felt nothing. Hahaha Everything was so new! I barely had time to think. When I blinked I was learning how to live with 80L of water in my entire “house”, then I blinked again and I was sleeping alone in Lisbon, having to drive all by myself because Felipe Castro had to rush to Brazil to see his dad, another blink and we were in the most expensive and beautiful country that we have ever visited, with its Vikings, astonishingly beautiful landscapes, crazy weather that shook up our “Marmita” (that’s how we named our motorhome)… and talking with so many people who followed us day-by-day on our social networking who made us company the whole time.

And now I do! Now I feel something. The trip is over and I finally feel…

You have surely felt the same, maybe not traveling, but that feeling of emptiness that remains when your fave series is over, do you know?! The feeling after the party is over and everybody is gone, the lights are off… I know you know how I feel.

I don’t fit anymore. I can’t see myself living in an apartment. I don’t know how to live with a window that opens every day to the same view. I need a door that is always close to the most scenic places.

The deal is over. 1 year is not enough to live everything the world has to offer. We don’t know where we go next, but we know for sure where we don’t want to be, and this a really good start 😄

Check where we are here !

Marmita na Estrada
We have decided to live in a motor home for a while. Here you can find more info about our

Or here

Polarsteps is the personal travel log in your

See you soon!


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