Climbing in Kaiafas/Zacharo

As mentioned in the previous post Kaiafas is very known place for its thermal waters, but it is also a place with a high potential for climbing.

I managed to meet the local climber that bolted the routes and is maintaining the place, and for me was a surprise. Imagine that in a random Thursday at 8 AM I was walking looking for the crag and I found him mowing the lawn.

He was saying that the place is not that popular in Greece and that now and then they receive some tourists but I saw that last year there was an event in the area.

You can find the spot in the crag site.

The Crag

The crag is really well maintained and all the routes will have the name below, so it is impossible to get lost. Best time to climb will be early in the morning or late afternoon, the sun is hot and all the afternoon the crag is exposed.

It is a small crag but I’m pretty sure that you will have a good time.


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