Kalamata and our disadventure

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of the Peloponnese peninsula, Kalamata beckons travelers with its azure waters, ancient ruins, and culinary delights.

The place is well-known by olive production.

We’d love to stay for the week in the area but we had a not so nice surprise during the weekend that made us change our mind and go away.

The plan was to stay in the Kalamata zone and move south following the bay.

And this what we did, we staying a day in Kalamata that was nice, and in the next day we started going down.

We stopped at Paralia Santova, and spent the day there. Amazing place.

What happened?

Nothing that serious 🙂

It was night and we were listening to someone talking like crazy in the phone, almost if she was in front of our door. Not a problem, we know that this can happen. We were stopped on the street

Around 10 pm, Tais went out to walk our dog Lasanha and found this:

We were not doing anything wrong, parking and camping are different things. Also the law mentioned is not related with the subject at all. But the message was crystal clear:

We want your money but we don’t want you to stay.

After seeing that, we lost completely the interest in the zone, even if it is beautiful, Greece is so big and there are other places more welcoming.

So if you are traveling in a RV in Greece, our suggestion is to avoid the zone, of if there is something that you really want to see there, be aware that situations like this can happen, and just take it easy.


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