Pushing for the Arctic

As you know the goal of this year is to see the Northern Lights. Last year we have failed with this mission.

What happened was that last year we pushed to arctic too soon, mid August we were already in NordKapp and September we were back in Bergen. We were a bit afraid of the weather and as it was our first season living the motorhome, we decided to not push that much.

The second season

This year we are going up in September that is the time in which the Northern Light season starts, we should reach the Arctic mid September and stay there for 2 weeks so that first week of October we are already making our way down do Sardinia where we will spend the winter.

Also last year we did all the way up on the Norway side, this year we will reach the Arctic on Sweden side.

We want to reach Kiruna zone as soon as we can and stay in that area for 2 to 3 weeks, and hopefully get a good day in which the Northern Lights can be seen.

The away back

The way back is the only thing worrying us a bit, it is a long journey that we will do mid October. We really don’t know how the road will be, but we will figure out.

We might do all the way down in the same road, driving on E45 is as boring as it gets, it is a road mostly flat with few curves that goes on and on and on .. and when you are tired, there is still a long way to go. Anyway with snow, an easy road can compensate the lack of experience driving on such condition.


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