Running away from Sardinia

We arrived in Sardinia in November mainly to run away from the cold as even in the winter the temperatures are ok in the island and that worked quite well.

The drawback is that higher temperatures in winter also means higher temperatures in the summer, and that was exactly the case.

After 2 days extremely hot with temperature near 40°, the forecast for the week and the chance to have other 2 months like that, we decided to leave Sardinia and move north looking for cooler places.

Our original idea was stay in Corsica until mid August remain other 2 weeks in Sardinia and go to the continent — Albania, Greece, Bosnia, Croacia — Places that we don’t know yet.

We had our first obstacle in Corsica that made us change the plans a bit for the first time and stay in Sardinia from June till end of August.

The high temperatures were our second obstacle and after 2 days melting, in the next day we were in a ferry moving out from the island, over the weekend we started our way north.

Over the weekend this was how we moved

For this week we will stay in San Valentino alla Muta, here the temperature are adequate for human life 👽.

Forecast for the week

Sardinia was by far the place stayed the most, good 8 months ! About time to move on, I’d say. On top of the hot weather the island was starting to become — very — crowded. Not by chance, as it is one of main destinations for Italians for the vacation season.

Crowded place + hot weather + Motorhome is the perfect recipe for high stress levels 😅

The best plan so far is to go to Sweden, up up up then decide either turn left to Norway or right to Finland and make our away down before November.


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