Bouldering — Arzachena

When we arrived in Sardinia, I was talking with a friend that said he had just visited the island. He came to meet some friends and climb together, as they were mapping a new bouldering area. He said the name of the city that to be honest, after the call I had already forgotten.

Anyway, it stayed somewhere in my mind.

Months after I was looking for a place for bouldering and I found a city called Arzachena, the city’s name sounded familiar and by the location, north Sardinia, I was pretty sure that was the city he mentioned.

Arzachena is a place rich in history and culture, it boasts an ancient heritage dating back to the Nuragic civilization. The town is dotted with fascinating archaeological sites, definitely worth visiting. Also the city is super charming.

There are 2 main areas for bouldering in the city, both are mapped in the or 27 crags.

Area boulder Li conchi — Area close to the city center

One area called Parco Giochi di li conchi is close to the city center, and it is located in an urban area, the other place is well known and is called Lu Branu. It is actually a private area in a “Agriturismo”, an farmhouse. They will allow you to access the area but it is always nice to let them know that you are there.

I didn’t have the chance to know this site, I was there after a raining day and the boulders were wet. In the property I met a local climber that was going to climb in this new area in the city and she kindly invited us to join the party. It was an amazing day.

The area is still growing as a bouldering sector, many problems are already mapped and there is still a lot to be mapped!


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