Climbing in Papingo – Klidonia Bridge

In the mountainous region of Epirus, north Greece, there is this village called Papingo.

Papingo is divided into two villages, Megalo Papingo (Big Papingo) and Mikro Papingo (Little Papingo), both offering stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape. The villages are perched on the slopes of Mount Tymfi, providing breathtaking views of the Vikos Gorge, one of the world’s deepest canyons.

Klidonia Bridge

The place is called Klidonia Bridge, and it is an amazing place.

The water is crystal clear, and crossing the bridge walking a few meters you will find a little crag.

One of the sector is closed as it is located in a archeological site, more info in the the crag

To be super honest it is not the best place for climbing, but is very convenient and in the end of the day considering that you can know a different place, enjoy some quality time with your family and climb in the same day, I’d say that it is definitely worth visiting.

Internet connection is good, and parking is area is ok even for big cars.

I imagine that in July/August the place can become crowded.


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