Climbing Park Bousi

This climb spot is located in the north Greece, at Vikos–Aoös National Park. The area is more or less where we started our trip almost 3 months ago.

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The place is located in a city called Konitsa. near Papingo that is famous by its rock pools a must see place if you are traveling in the north Greece.


There are some option for parking near, the most convenient that is in the beginning of the path is really small and can fit 2 or 3 cars, but near you can find other spots.

Arriving in the crag

Once we arrived, a local guy herding some goats alerted us about rocks falling. At first I thought he was concerned about goats that were moving above the crag, so rocks might fall.

We said that we were good as we always were helmets. He again to make sure that we got it, took a rock on the ground and made a gesture with the rock falling in his head. We laugh and went way.

You will find this signs when the dirty road finishes and the trail starts, don’t worry 5 min in you are in the crag.

The Crag

The path until you reach the crag is nice, and the crag is also nice, shady all the long.

When I was climbing the route “direct”, we heard a noise, and then a really strong sound of a rock hitting the ground. Yes, a rock had just felt.

A big rock landed next to our dog that was sleeping on my backpack.

This was probably the most scary climbing moment in “my career”. After the almost incident we went home right away.

It is also worth mentioning that this was in the first sector, Collonelo north, there are other 3 sectors that I don’t know how dangerous it is.


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