The season started – Hitting the road again

It was a busy winter in Sardinia, we solved all the paper work required to stay in Europe, after some personal issues and travel to Brazil, now we are in the road again.

As always we have a high level plan that is described here.

Starting the journey

We started our trip in Sardinia and our first stop is in Greece. We might spend a month or so here.

From Cagliari we took a ferry to Naples and after 16 hours we were in the continent. In the same day we drove 370Km until we reached Brindisi where we took another ferry to Igoumenitsa and after 9 hrs we were in Greece.

It is a long way, but there is the possibility to take the ferries at night which, which was quite convenient.

We strongly recommend staying in the cabin mainly if, like us, you are traveling with a dog. This will add around 90€ to the bill but it is definitely worth.

The company operating the ferries is called Grimaldi lines, it is not the best, but one of the cheapest and they are ok.

Hello Greece 🇬🇷

We arrived in Igoumenitsa where we didn’t spend too much time but people seems to be very welcoming, you know, after our experience in Corsica we are always afraid when reaching a new country that we’ve never been.

From Igoumenitsa we headed to Ioannina which is a busy center and then to the mountains in a place called Vikos–Aoös National Park.

The park very beautiful and we went there trying to find a place to climb, which we managed to do, but due to the bad weather the climbing was not like expected, but it is definitely a subject for another post.

Now we are heading to Meteora where we will spend the next days. Looking forward to that.

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