Climbing at Mount Othrys

Near mount Othrys there is a place called Anavra that is quite good for climbing in this region.

There are 3 sectors near each other. A and B are the ones easier to reach, C is in development but apparently you need a 4×4 to arrive.

We went to the sector B, this is parking place suggested by The crag website

But if you zoom in, you will see that the last piece is a dirty read and in a big RV like ours it is not possible to to reach. We stopped next to the road and did walked. It is a 20 min walking in total ,not that bad.

Once you reach the parking place you must follow the blue signs on the rocks or on the threes.

This is the first mark you will find, and the path will go to your left side, going behind the property, you might see a fence or the remaining of it.

⚠️ You want to follow the blue marks, not the rock totems. If you cannot see the blue marks you are in the wrong place! If you moving too much to your right, you are on the wrong place !

The crag

The crag is really nice, but some of the names are written in Greek so you might find issues to locate the routes, but the internet works in the area. You can find information about the crag in those 2 websites


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