Trial B — Week 3

9 — Zafferana Etnea x Piano Provenzana (24km)

We did one night on piano provenzana. It is a particular place where we could experience the volcano landscape around. It was good to stay on 10 degrees after the super hot weather we got.

this is the place we stayed in Piano Provenzana

10 — Piano Provenzana x Motta Camastra (36km)

We decided to stay in this small place near a waterfall. It is definitely a nice place to know. There is a water park called Parco Fluviale Alcantra where you can enjoy body rafting, trekking in the river and some other water activities.

This is the place we stayed in Morra Camastra

11— Motta Camastra x Matera (456km)

After 2 short trips and some time to rest we felt good enough for a longer trip and spend more time on the road. We headed to Matera that was the last destination on your list. After that, we would start our way back home.

Matera is an amazing place and btw the place that I liked the most.

The place is super camper friendly with many places to stay most for free.

Here is the place we stayed in Matera

12— Matera x Pacentro (409km)

Our next place was Pacentro, already in the center of Italy. This is a small old city considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and indeed it is very beautiful.

Here is the place is stayed in Pacentro

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